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 > Whose track did C&O use to access Lexington, Va?  Its own or N&W
 > tracks?  From what point to what point were trackage rights exercised?
 > Dennis Hogan
 > dhogan at dalsemi.com
Using Kalmbach's reprint of the 1948 Handy Railroad Atlas of the United
States as a resource, the short answer is the N&W.

N&W had a segment of track running between Glasgow and Waynesboro.
Approximately 11 miles north of Glasgow (i.e., Buena Vista), a ten-mile
spur ran to Lexington.

C&O approached from both the south and east, via Balcony Falls.

The 1997 edition of Steam Powered Video's Comprehensive Railroad Atlas of
North America (Appalachia and Piedmont) indicates track abandoned west of
Buena Vista.

Jim Moore
C&O's Lexington Sub-Division diverged from their James River Subdivision
near Balcony Falls, used a short connection track to reach N&W at Glasgow
and had 8.2 miles of joint trackage with N&W to Loch Laird.  The 10.6
miles between Loch Laird and Lexington was C&O ownership.
                                                      Harry Bundy
The C&O used N&W trackage from Glasgow to Loch Laird
Jimmy Lisle
 From Balcony Falls to Glasgow - C&O track
 From Glasgow to Loch Laird - N&W via trackage rights
 From Loch Laid to E.Lexington - C&O track
E.Lexington to Lexington - B&O via trackage rights

Mason Cooper

How does the B&O get into Lexington?
I thought the C&O from Loch Laid was the only rail route into Lexington.

Ron Davis

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