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Hello all.  I have a question, and a couple comments.  
To make a very long story short, I'm on the Bristol Line.  In 1997 NS removed all the color position automatic block signals and installed new standard three light signals.  Most passing sidings still have the old color position signals.  Well, evidently there is no paint crew for this line anymore, because these signals are rusted terribly!  Not only that, but one, at Marion, a bracket with the two poles on top for the east end of the siding is in awful shape.  It's covered with caution tape, and the main flange is cracked!  This thing looks like its about to topple over, and caution tape doesn't make me feel any better.  Another one in Glade Spring has been hit by some track machine or something because the ladder is bent badly, and it looks like it is a safety hazard to climb.  To make it short, I think these signals are worn out, and for safety's sake they NEED to be replaced.  I don't want to loose them, but even I must admit that they are just plain worn out.  
I don't know if the proper people at NS know how bad some of these units are.  So, what can be done about it?
Ben Blevins

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