Did N&W Run over VGN During USRA Era?

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The following earlier post caught my eye:
However in March 1919, things take a different turn.

"All Winston District freight trains southward and Norfolk Divisions trains 
via Virginian Railroad will move via Shaeffer's Crossing (sic), Belt Line 
Junction and via Belt Line tracks to SOUTH ROANOKE.....  The normal 
position of switch west  end of Y, SOUTH ROANOKE,will be left setting in 
position for the movement of Norfolk Division trains eastward via the Belt 
Line to Walnut Street  for delivery to the Virginian Railroad.  The two 
locals southward over the Winston District and all northward Winston 
District trains will move via Campbell and Walnut Streets, and southward 
trains will get a clearance card or 31 order at Walnut Street 
Tower.  Switch at SOUTH ROANOKE will be handled by the operator. ....."
Were these movements just for handling interchange with the VGN, or were 
they N&W movements using some form of trackage rights? Note that 1919 would 
be after the end of USRA operations.

I believe that during USRA operations, that traffic ran much as it does 
today - eastbound on the VGN and westbound on the N&W. According to Mason 
Cooper in "Norfolk & Western Electrics" the N&W had seen the benefits of 
this arrangement and worked in the early 20's to make it permanent by 
leasing or buying the VGN.

Does anyone else have more definitive info on this question? What do 
employee timetables from that period have to say?

Ron Davis

At 09:14 PM 10/31/2004, you wrote:
>Does anyone know if N&W trains ran over the VGN (and vice versa) during 
>the era of the U.S. Railroad Administration?
>-- abram burnett

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