Abingdon Branch: Communications and Dispatching

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Sun Oct 31 21:59:36 EST 2004

A postcard (dated 1957) I have of the 382 near
Damascus, VA shows a pole with four insulators.
Also, in Rairoad Model Craftsman Sept. 1975, a picture
in a story about the Abingdon Branch shows a pole with
four insulators, and Trains June 1984 shows a clear
color photo with a pole and four insulators.

Mike Jackson
Church Hill, TN

--- nw-mailing-list at nwhs.org wrote:

>  I'm at work on a puzzle concerning the Abingdon
> Branch (which I will post to 
> the list when I get it resolved.)
> Does anyone have photos which show telephone poles
> on the Abingdon Branch?  I 
> need to know how many wires were on the pole line. 
> (Even if you can't see 
> the wires, you can count the insulators... each
> insulator represents one wire.)
> Thanks.
> -- abram burnett
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