White Insulators

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After a recent post on this subject I have been looking out for the white 
insulators. On the Pumpkin Vine near Starkey, VA they are located on the 
lowest arm, nearest the track. At one time they may have existed on all 
poles, but now most --but not every-- pole has two white insulators. When 
they are not white they are usually clear.

The other insulators on the pole are a mixture of clear and green.

I have not spotted any white insulators on the Main Line through Vinton, 
VA. Just a mixture of clear and green. Did this line ever have white 
insulators? Or were they only specific to certain divisions?

Ron Davis

At 09:24 PM 12/15/2004, you wrote:
>N&W used two white insulators on its lineside poles.  I believe these 
>insulators were used on the lines (wires) that allowed communication with 
>the dispatcher and station agents along the right-of-way.  In an 
>emergency, the train crews could attach a portable handset to these lines 
>in order to communicate with other personnel.
>My question involves the location/placement of the white insulators.  I 
>believe they were always on the lowest arm of the lineside pole, and were 
>the two insulators closest to the track.  I've looked through numerous 
>books but can't seem to verify this.
>I believe all other insulators were green in color, but I'm not certain 
>about this.
>Anyone have a better insight into this interesting detail?
>Jim Brewer
>Glenwood MD

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