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> No to the first and possibly to the second.  I think
> they mainly stayed on
> the old Wabash lines of the Western Region, but as
> certain as I speculate
> that none ever went to Virginia somebody will come
> up with a photo of one
> going through Pearisburg.
> Never say never.
> EdKing

Up until 1975, after which I rarely returned to the
area, I never ever saw any F7s on the Pokey, nor did I
see any ex NKP or ex Wabash units either (except "in
tow"). But of course I did not see every train that
ever passed from 1964-1975 ;-)
(I did not even know that N&W had F units until I
joined the original N&WHS in the 1970's!)

This could have been due to the lack of dynamic brakes
on the merger inherited units.

There was a union agreement that kept the merger
cabooses out of Va & WV, but I don't know if there was
a similar arrangement regarding locos. I tend to doubt
this as many merger inherited units ended up in yard
service at Lambert's Point VA in the 1970's.

Mark Peele
Catonsville, MD

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