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> As best I can determine, the F's stayed mainly on
> the old Wabash
> territory, St Louis to Chicago and Detroit.  The
> Canadian-built units
> stayed up in Canada as there was a significant tax
> reason for them to
> not cross the US border and vice-versa.  There were
> some equipment
> differences, too, I think between US and Canadian
> versions.  In late
> 1960's the CNJ leased some of the US built F-7's for
> use in New Jersey
> and Pennsylvania.  In WAB territory, they ran in the
> three tone WAB
> scheme or the WAB all-blue scheme in the early years
> after the lease
> before being repainted into black or blue scheme.  I
> have never seen any
> photographs of F's running on trains in the old
> ex-NKP territory or W&LE
> territory.  The F-7's seem to have been tied to
> Decatur, IL maintenance
> and never got far away from that area.
> G Rolih Cincinnati, OH  

Here's a photo of 3712 in Bellevue, OH (ex-NKP yard?)
in AUG 1968


There's at least one other photo from Bellevue in the
Withers/Bowers N&W diesel books.

According to Bower's book, the 20 Canadian built units
stayed in Canada. The other 80+ U.S. built F units
were at first found all over the ex NKP/WAB lines, but
then later tended to stay up in Windsor.

I gotta point out that I've never seen an N&W F unit.

Mark Peele
Catonsville, MD

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