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Subject: Re: "New" CPLs at Roanoke
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OK, you guys got my curiosity up so I talked to the
guy who handled the job.

Here's the skinny:

The signals in question are home signals for one of
the largest interlocking plants on the old N&W.  In
order to convert to colorlight signals, it would
have required a good bit of re-wiring.  Anytime you
make wiring changes (the FRA calls it
"disarrangement") extensive testing is required before
putting the plant back in service.  By re-furbishing
some CPL's and just re-cabling to feed them, you only
have to verify the aspects are what they are supposed
to be.  So it was a cost saving decision; saved time
and labor.  

This is also apparent on some of the poleline
elimination work on such as the Bristol and Shenandoah
lines, where intermediate signals are mostly changed,
but control point signals remain CPL's, I believe.

John Marbury
retired NS, C&S 

April 19, 2005

Thanks for the solid facts, John.  That's most

Changing the topic back to a nine-month-old thread,
there were contractor pole-line removal crews that
have worked as far at Ben's Burg (a.k.a. the Blevins
spread) on the Bristol line and around Elkton on the
Shenandoah Division.  If your C&S contact has any info
on if and when that work is resumed I'd appreciate an

Also, if you know the name and address of the
Superintendent of C&S covering the Hagerstown
District, I'd appreciate this advice off-list at my
email address below.  I would still like to see if the
RMS Library can purchase the six poles at Boyce in
place with wires between them and preserve them, even
if the rest of the pole line to the north and south is

Good night and good morning,


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