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In addition to PRR, RF&P, ACL, and N&W, there was another carrier  involved.
In the late 20's and early 30's, Norfolk Southern Railroad handled a New  
Virginia Beach Pullman from Union Station in Norfolk to the Cavalier Hotel  
electric motors.
I don't know if this is of any help, but on August 19, 1946,  N&W  train No. 
the westbound "Cannonball", derailed (due to irregular alinement of track)  
fouled the eastward main track at Windsor, VA.  About 27 minutes  later, it
was struck by Extra 1207 East.  In the Mechanical Department files, I  found
drawing SK 480-M, dated August 21, 1946, showing position of derailed
equipment.  It shows that No. 21 consisted of Engine No. 123 (and  tender),
Baggage and Mail car #1200, Passenger & Baggage Car No. 1500, Coach  #1733,
Coach #1734, and Pullman PORTSLADE.  The Pullman was a 10 section,  1
drawing room and 2 compartment car, built for general service in December,  
Betcha PORTSLADE was Pullman green.
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