CW Tower- another milepost question

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Mon Nov 7 19:07:19 EST 2005

CW Tower in Columbus,OH is where the PRR Sandusky Line was grafted onto the
N&W during the 1964 merger. The N&W mileposts ran toward downtown, following
the passenger main, which apparently ran through the middle of Joyce Avenue
Yard. (My source here is a 1977 track chart.) It looks like N-705 was the
last milepost going toward downtown. The N&W started new mileposts for the
Sandusky Line at CW Tower (N-704.6), making it S-1.0. Why didn't they start
at S-0.0? One mile east of CW was in the middle of Pennor Yard. If I
remember right, the PRR mileposts were different, and N&W started fresh with
new ones. Maybe I am wrong on this, and they just adopted the PRR mileposts.
Anyone have any answers on this? - Keith Baker, Ft. Wayne,IN

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