GATX Rail GP38 photo at Park Street

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Thu Nov 10 10:37:14 EST 2005

I'm about as close to a computer luddite as can be imagined but all of
Skip's great stuff comes through (even with Windows ME and XP). The names
are no big deal but I think can be suppressed (by someone a lot more
computer savvy than me).
Good luck.
Ed Svitil

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>No, you aren't. Every time lately when I try to open Skip's photos, some

>pop-up in the link goes to war with my pop-up blocker and locks up my

>machine. So, I've quit trying (unless I disable the pop-up blocker)


>John Samples



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> > Skip,

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> > Am I the only one who receives your posting with about 300 names

> > following the To salutation and then cannot open your attached link?

> >

> > Respectfully,

> >

> > Mike Pierry, Jr.

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