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Sorry for the delay. Here are the water consumption figures from the two test reports having the four summary sheets presented in my book. The summary sheet in my book says that 2197 made 5 runs from Williamson to Farm in November, but the individual runs in the report state specific dates in August 1952.

Class A 1239 averages westbound Williamson to Portsmouth:

July--6 runs Oct--3 runs
28,905 gal. 28,644 gal.

Class A 1239 averages eastbound Portsmouth to Williamson:

July--6 runs Oct--3 runs
23,887 gal. 23,769 gal.

Class Y6b 2197 averages eastbound Williamson to Farm:

Aug--5 runs
21,637 gal.

Class Y6b 2197 averages eastbound Farm to Bluefield:

Nov--3 runs
14,955 gal.

Hope this helps. If you need anything else that I have in these reports/tests, let me know and I will provide.

Bud Jeffries
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I was reading in the giant of steam book. on page 80 with the A vs diesel test, is there any information on water consumption for each corresponding test? especially the oct. 1952 averages westbound.




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