First Diesels delivered without round front logo plate?

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The first diesels were lettered Norfolk and Western on the sides of the long hood with only a the locomotive number located on each side of the cab below the window. (No heralds on the cab sides or ends of the long and short hoods.) The lettering was the same gold and roman style as used on steam locomotives. Basically the N&W painted their first diesels like their freight steam engines. The engines that were painted this way were the first groups of RS-3's, RS-11's, and GP-9's. (There was also no yellow or white safety paint on the handrails adjacent to the steps going up to the walkway on each end of the locomotive.)

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Image "ns1416" in the VPI image archives shows Eng 783 eastbound at Walton on December 13, 1957. (See attachment)

The engine has no round "logo plate" welded to its front.

This raises some questions: Were the first Diesels delivered without this plate? Where the engines later fitted with the round logo plates by the N&W?

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