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Regarding sharing of track thru Oak Hill to Bloom Jct is correct and this was from Jackson to Bloom Jct. Thru the 60's there was tracks from Jackson north to Wellston for C&O, B&O and DT&I each going a different route. Downtown Wellston was all tracks. Interesting today that Wellston is full of spine cars being in the ready for movement of East Coast trash containers to the local Rumke land fill east of town. Believe the unloading terminal is north of Wellston on the old B&O main now Greater Miami. Also Wellston is a large storage depot for extra X cars from large shippers which can only be seen from the County fairgrounds off of Rt 93 south of town 1/4 mile. Interesting to see so many cars in the "middle of nowhere". Some are brand new.

Happy hunting folks,

Oakie G Ford

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Hello All,
This B&O Portsmouth thread has me wondering about some things. It seems that the B&O was actually into Portsmouth and Sciotoville before the N&W as the Marietta and Cincinnati RR. Is this true? Also, I assume that the B&O Southwest at one time operated passenger service on the Portsmouth Branch. Is this true and was there a B&O passenger depot in Portsmouth? Where was it located? What year did passenger operations cease? It is very hard to find information about the B&O Southwest's Portsmouth Branch or pictures of its operation. One more question. Did the B&O and DT&I share trackage from Jackson down thru Oak Hill or Bloom Jct before they split to Sciotoville and Ironton respectively? As you can see I have a lot of questions about this area of N&W and Ohio railroad history.
I appreciate everyones input and look forward to reading more about this topic.
Thanks Very Much,
Jim Hall
Columbus, OH

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Couple of questions recently surrounding Portsmouth, Ohio. Hope this helps.
The B&O Yard at Portsmouth was around until 1972 when most of the tracks were removed. It is assumed the yard did not close overnight so it probably sat empty or used very little a couple of years prior to that. The property was purchased to construct a new department store (Heck's) which lasted until the late 1980's. Currently a grocery wholesaler operates the site.
As far as I know, the B&O did none or little interchange with the N&W in this part of town, rather they shared an interchange track just east of there along Gallia Street.
The N&W 200-ton capacity coaling tower at Portsmouth was torn down in 1979 by a local contractor. Built to last forever, it is reported to have taken over a week to tear it down!

Jim Detty
Lucasville, Ohio
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