Unidentified N&W Conductor on Rear Platform

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To answer Mr. Chamberlayne's querry, "What was the East & West Railroad," I'll forward to the List something that was posted on March 5, 2004, by the (almost) omniscient Mr. Ken Miller, in response to one of my off-the-wall questions.

-- abram burnett


Over the years a lot of folks wondered why there was so much N&W material
used by the AAR. N&W was a great railroad, but they certainly were not in
the high elevated position the number of photos might let you believe.

There is a pretty simple answer to the question. Holcombe Parkes was editor
of the N&W Magazine since its inception with the June, 1923 issue. Prior
to that from 1919 to 1923 he served as an associate editor for Railway Age.
In January, 1936, In 1928 he was charged with organizing and establishing
the Advertising and Publicity Department. He became Editor, Advertising
Manager and Publicity Director. He remained in those positions until June,

In January, 1936, Mr. Parkes was LOANED by the N&W to the AAR as an advisor on development of the AAR public relations program. He became Associate Director of the AAR Public Relations Department in June of 1936. He
remained on the N&W payroll until November 15, 1941 when he left to become
Assistant to the President, Southern Railway.

Obviously, he was more than a bit familiar with the N&W's photographers and
their work, and as well, still employed by the company. The convenience of
knowing the work and available photos certainly helped get the N&W very
visible. The company photographers would frequently shoot additional
negatives while set up for specific shots and provided the additional negs
to the AAR. One shot that comes to mind is the 1203 on the turntable at
Shaffers Crossing, There are plenty of others however. The N&W cooperated
prior to 1936 with the AAR as well, and would often provide duplicate
negatives for them on request.

Ken Miller

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> What is the East and West Railroad?


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> > Attached is an image of an N&W crew at Roanoke in the 1940s. It's

> > from the AAR publicity photos, and the photograph was (I think) taken

> > in the vicinity of 12th Street, Roanoke, looking east.

> >

> > Can any one identify the Conductor?

> >

> > Too bad I never asked my father (a 1940 man) or George Arthur Eanes

> > (a 1922 man) about this. They knew literally everyone...

> >

> > -- abram burnett

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