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I remember riding in an N&W heavyweight coach from Petersburg to
Christiansburg in 1955. (I was going to Old Dominion Boys State @ VPI
(?)) I loved the tall windows, which made the coach seem so
light. It also rode very well (or at least, better than the RF&P
or Clothes Line lightweight I had ridden from Quantico). Did the
remaining heavyweights of the time have six-wheel trucks?
I believe it also had reclining seats and photo murals at the ends.
I was impressed!


pete groom

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Sorry for my delay in getting these photos posted of the NW #1506
Combine. The NCTM bought the combine from the Old Dominion Chapter
NRHS in 2003 and completed the restoration this summer. The coach
compartment had to be re-built. I have other pictures if anyone is
interested. The photos are of its arrival, the rebuilt coach
compartment framing and when it was dedicated on July 15th by wick
Moorman during NS Heritage Day at the NC Transportation Museum.


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