N&W Oil cans and their uses?

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Large oil cans with a long spout, looking like a big water sprinkler can are
for oiling car journal bearings in the trucks.

One gallon to two gallon cans with either a short small spout or an internal
pouring lip were for kerosene and the filling of lanterns, switch lamps and
switch heaters. Kerosene cans can come n a variety of sizes.

Some small oil cans were used in the machine shops for cutting oil and olis
used in the manufacturing or reworking of components.

Railroad tin makers made all sorts of cans and containers, buckets, flare
boxes, flag boxes, buckets, dope buckets. even tea kettles for caboose
stoves for some railroads. Most had some sort of railroad marking stamped
into the container.

Gary Rolih



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I own a few diffrent sizes of N&W oil cans and I know what the long spout
Locomotive oiler cans are for, but my question is what where the smaller to
larger cans, 1 gallon to 5 or 10 gallon cans used to oil and where would
they be usually found. Thanks for advance.

Matthew B. Madden

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