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Your statement is true for the old Radford and Norfolk divisions,but I
remember some divisions did call a fireman and some even called a full 5 man
passenger crew engineer,fireman,conductor,brakeman and flagman.

This was especially true on the old Southern Ry. divisions and I do remember
fireman being called on the N & W in some locations.

Sometimes the engineer and fireman took turns riding the locomotive to act
as the pilot.

John Barnett

Former Steam Dept. Employee


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During the NS excursion era there was a called engineer and conductor and
occasionally a brakeman (depending on the moves needed to be made on the
trip) from the division. That satisfied the union requirements. There was
no fireman called. The steam crew on the engine usually did the running and
firing the locomotive.

Chuck Akers

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During the excursion era, how was the fireman paid. IE what pay rate,
engineer, conductor, etc. is therestill a union rate for fireman?

Thanks for your help

John Rhodes


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