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December 29, 2006

Good morning!

A couple of weeks ago, Governor Tim Kaine spoke before
the money committees of the House of Delegates and the
Senate to present his amendments to the current
biennium budget. For his first budget submission,
Governor Kaine emphasized his priorities for the
slightly over $1 billion in available new money:
primarily transportation fixes ($500 million),
increased investment in health care ($100 million),
and education ($80 million).

The Virginia Museum of Transportation (VMT) is
proposed to get a $150,000 increase to its Fiscal Year
(FY) 2007 appropriation but no adjustment for FTY
2008. For a full report on the budget recommendations,
including adjustments to non-general or special fund
appropriations, go to the Virginia Department of
Planning and Budget website at

The General Assembly Budget Hearings will be held in
Loudoun County, Williamsburg, Danville, and Abingdon
on Thursday, January 4 (begins at 12:00noon), and in
Richmond on Monday, January 15 (begins at 1:00pm)
If anyone wants to present views on behalf of VMT to
members of the money committees, here's your chance.

Loudoun County
Northern Virginia Community College, Loudoun Campus,
Waddell Theater

The College of William & Mary University Center,
Commonwealth Auditorium

Danville Community College, T. Edward Temple Building,
Oliver Hall (Room 110)

Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center

General Assembly Building

The following guidelines usually apply to the
* Registration to speak usually available one hour
before the hearings.
* Speakers will be taken in the order of registration.
* Each person may register only one speaker at a time.
* Speakers are asked to limit their comments to three
minutes or less.
* Speakers representing groups and organizations
should consolidate remarks to reduce duplication.

If anyone wants the complete list of budget amendments
listing other non-railway organizations, please send
me a note off-list. Regardless of your views about
VMT management, it is the home of much irreplaceable
and historically-significant rail equipment and
artifacts. Here's your opportunity to have a say in
where your state tax dollars go.

Happy new year to all,

Frank Scheer
f_scheer at yahoo.com

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