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Ah, but Joe - some knowledgeable old-timers know how to override the
time out feature. Me ? I always played by the book. I never broke an
operating rule. I never broke a safety rule. I never exceeded the
Hours of Service Law.

Just yesterday at the luncheon for the retard Transportation Department
employees, Frank Kinder told of working 2nd trick at the OLD Randolph
Street tower. Seems his brother was making a visit and Frank had No. 3
lined and signaled into Track #1 (apparently not bonded). As No. 3 came
along the fence by Roanoke Shop, Frank realized he'd guided the train into
an occupied track. Drop a stop signal in his face ? No way. Instead, he
had his brother hold a lever, while he went to the relay rack and overrode
the time-out using a pencil, then lined No. 3 into another track. After
sashaying through several crossovers, the train platformed and the
engineer called wanting to know what the %&^# was going on.

I can recall one instance where I'd like to have known how to tamper with
the time-out feature. It involved a coal drag over several crossings on the
Sewells Point Branch. Abraham Bernadotte knows how and he was a
railroad safety man.

Harry Bundy

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