Gon, with containers, question

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Gons have had a number of containers designed for customers needs. Furnace
coke left IRONTON, OH's Semet Solvay coking plant with what I think were
charge size amount of coke for foundries throughout the country. The left
points looked to be designed for overhead cranes to be used to charge a
furnace one container at a time.

Over time these types of delivery systems were turned over to flatbed trucks
and they still serve today.

Oakie G. Ford

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> List:

> I got this from another list and seek to help this person as well as

settle my own curiosity. I have photographed the gons before (once, I
remeber, at Walton). Can we help this guy?


> "On our club layout we have a few N&W gons with containers. Each has

> about five or six aluminum colored containers. I've been told they

> were for food loading. Does anyone know what kind of customers used

> those containers."


> Charlie Long




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