Trail of the Powhatan Arrow

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This book is more about the area through which The Powhatan Arrow passes
(The Trail) than about the train itself. Many statistics such as on page 167:
"In March of 1958 Mayor" (of Kermit) "Roy Dempsey announced that due to the
number of reports of rabid dogs running at large in the area, all dogs were
ordered to be tied up at once."
But there are a FEW good nuggets as on page 114: "In 1938 the N & W
celebrated its 100th. birthday. The first small company that would later become the
N & W, had been a ten mile railroad named the City Point Railroad which had
operated between City Point, VA and Petersburg. It was opened to traffic
September 7, 1838."
Despite my autographed copy in which both authors offer me "Best wishes" had
I known the content I would probably NOT have purchased a copy of this book.

That's just my opinion. Others may differ.

Neil K. Yerger
Wayne, PA

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I noticed this book listed in the latest mailing of the Arrow. Can anyone
provide a better description of just what this book is about? The author?

Many thanks.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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