Trail of the Powhatan Arrow

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The book is self published and normally print on demand. There are no author notes although one of the authors apparently works at Marshall University in Huntington, WV. Book is hardcover with book club type paper used for pages. It has ISBN numbers but no Library of Congress Number. The book has an index and many footnotes.

Book is a mixture of railroad and county history with most accounts taken from local newspapers. I would describe it as more of life along the railway line in Mingo and Wayne County West Virginia as taken from newspaper articles. The book is presented in chronological fashon. Many paragraphs are two sentences or less with no particular connection or explanation other than they are in time sequence.

The authors do write about building the railroad (as apparently described by local newspapers..."Fort Gay had mud problems in their streets from Janaury through April. The blame was placed on the railroad contractors dragging loads of stone through their streets.") but also write about many other local events. It provides a partial list of contractors who worked on construcing the railroad as well as a list of the charter members of Improved Order of Red Men Mingo Tribe No. 16 of 1948 (and member lists of many other fraternal organizations).

The book does present some construction photos of the Ohio Extension and limited biographies of some of the the construction engineers who worked on the Ohio Extension.

Alex Schust

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I noticed this book listed in the latest mailing of the Arrow. Can anyone provide a better description of just what this book is about? The author? Publisher?

Many thanks.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD


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