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Roanoke Times - April 21, 1908


Contracts For Supplies For Laborers Being Let in Roanoke Now


Work of Building Big System Will Begin This Summer At Norfolk, Cairo
and From Roanoke, Going Both Ways - President Will Be in Roanoke
Within the Two Weeks.

Work upon the Cairo & Norfolk Railroad, a new project, at the
start to operate between Cairo, Ill., and Norfolk, Va., will begin
this summer, and work in the immediate vicinity of Roanoke will be
taken up at that time. The president of the new system will be in the
city within the next two weeks.

It is declared, and the information comes from an authoritative
source, that efforts are being made here to secure contracts for
supplies for track hands, who will begin work here during the coming summer.
According to the statement, the work from Roanoke will be carried
on both toward Norfolk and Cairo, and both Norfolk and Cairo work
will be commenced to meet the tracks being laid from here.
The only gap in the mountains which can be had by the road is that
made where the Roanoke river passes through, and it is through this
that the new road will come.
The passage of the road through this city will make Roanoke one of
the most important railroad centers in the state, and it is declared
that it means an increase in population of from 50,000 to 100,000
people within the next ten years.
Is is probable that the shops and general offices will be located
in this city, but it is understood that although Roanoke is looked
upon favorably by the management of the new road for this site, yet
the matter has not been entirely settled.


I have never heard of the railroad, but a quick google search did
turn up sites selling 1908 stock paper for it. Didn't find much else.
Did it get beyond the selling stock stage??




- Ron Davis, Roger Link

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