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Roanoke Times - April 21, 1908


Outlines Progress of the Work On New Railroad Which Terminates Here

General Manager Raymond Dupuy, of the Virginian Railway, outlined
Saturday the progress of the work along the new road between Norfolk
and the West Virginia coalfields, and by the late autumn trains will
be running between Sewell's Point and Deepwater, W. Va.
By the time the road is ready for the rolling stock, said Mr.
Dupuy, the big coal pier and export warehouse at Sewell's Point will
be ready for use, and shipments of coal are expected to be made not
later than the first of next year.
When asked of the reports that quicksands had been found at the
Sewell's Point terminal and the progress of the foundation work
delayed on that account, Mr. Dupuy replied that he had heard of no
such trouble, and that the contractors had not advised the general
offices of such a discovery.
A large portion of the foundation work at the coal and freight
piers has been completed. It is hard, said Mr. Dupuy, for this
construction to really make a visible showing, as it is below the
water for the most part.
The steel for the superstructure is, however ready in the shops
for delivery as soon as needed here.
By the middle of this week, said the general manager, a
fifteen-mile stretch of track west of Victoria will be opened up.
This runs to Meherrin, where the Virginian Railway crosses the
Southern Railway.
Within two weeks, there of the largest viaducts west of Victoria
and east of Roanoke will be completed, and the track-laying started
beyond these toward Roanoke. This leaves only five viaducts to be
completed on this division.
General Manager Dupuy covered the western end of the road from
Roanoke west on horseback, last week, and said that he was well
satisfied with the progress he had observed.
Six or seven of the big tunnels along the line are being lined
with concrete, said Mr. Dupuy, and the work on the roadbed and the
viaducts show that results are being gained daily.


- Ron Davis, Roger Link

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