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Ditto for a site of Link's and other photo work of N&W, VGN, NS,Southern

Oakie G. Ford
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Hello all,

A few years back, a number of postings appeared on this list providing directions to various sites that appeared in O. W. Link's photos. The directions were very useful duriing my most recent trip through the Valley. One post provided directions to the Bristol roundhouse, however the directions started at the Bristol station then under renovation. My question - how to I get to the station from I-81. Planning a trip to this area soon. Also interested in the photos Link took of the grain silos in Luray. Street names/intersections would be helpful.

A question for the Webmaster - any value to creating a depository of Link (and other) photo sites, perhaps with photos and directions for people new to the Web? I would certainly be willing to submit my photos already taken and to be taken.

Thanks in advance, Steve


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