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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
November 8, 1907

In City and Coal Field
Passengers on train No. 3 Tuesday night were given the opportunity of witnessing a blood-and-thunder scene which does not go with the purchase of every ticket. The principals to the tragedy were Mr. and Mrs. Walter King. King, it is alleged, had deserted his bride and was on his way from Norfolk to Columbus to join the regular army. In some manner, Mrs. King, who was at Welch, received a tip to this effect, and she boarded the train at Welch. She soon found her husband asleep in a seat and without the usual formalities she proceeded to chop her lord and master to pieces. She was armed with a butcher knife and the passengers were given a real scare. King by sheer force overpowered his wife and held her captive until a little station the other side of Welch was reached, where she was put off. King remained on the train and continued his journey to Columbus. He is a railroad man and is quite well known in Norfolk and Western circles.
[It's a good thing for King that his wife's name wasn't Lorena Bobbitt!]

Gordon Hamilton
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