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Thanks. I use info like this to check the station data base.

Spec was an official station in the Open & Prepay station list in
1929. Below is a list of stations on the N&W in the area.

Nace (Originally Houston SV RR)
Ore Mines (connects at Nace 1892 map)
Fringer (Fringer Siding)
Parr Siding
Lithia (Originally Mollie SV RR)
Looney (1906 Off. Guide) may be Looney Creek north of Lithia)

Jim Blackstock

At 02:53 PM 8/28/2008, you wrote:

> >From another source, I found the U.S. Geological Survey Photographic Library

>(see, which "is designed

>to provide

>free viewing and downloading of the entire USGS photographic collection."


>Digital resolution options of each image include:


> * 100 dots per inch (dpi) thumbnail-resolution GIF file

> * 700 dpi medium-resolution JPG file

> * 1400 dpi high-resolution JPG file

> * 1600+ dpi full-resolution JPG file


>I just plugged in "Virginia" as the keyword search term and got 490 hits.

>On just the first page were images from the Cripple Creek area of Wythe

>County, from the iron ore mining that went on there. There is also a nice

>photo of the blast furnance in Pulaski.


>There were also images from Botetourt County showing a hematite

>mine, including

>one photo captioned "Spec Station on Norfolk & Western Railroad in

>Virginia. Tipple

>and crusher of Pulaski Iron Company where hematite from the mine, one

>and one-half

>miles southeast, is loaded on railroad cars. Botetourt County,

>Virginia. June 18, 1927."

>The link to the medium image is


>and the link to the image within the site wrapper, with caption, etc. is



>So, where is/was Spec Station? The photo shows a pretty big tipple

>going up the hillside

>and a substantial stone building (powerhouse?) adjacent to the tracks.


>Check out the site -- I'm still exploring and could probably write off

>a day to browsing.


>Bruce in Blacksburg


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