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Mon Dec 8 12:28:25 EST 2008

Three thoughts today:

1) I think that everyone in the active leadership of NWHS / VMT / NRHS
who participated in discussions with NS deserves a hearty slap on the
back, and "well done"! A year there was no coordination of these
groups, and the idea of getting financial assistance from NS was a
hope and a dream. Today we have a statement of intent from NS. No
small accomplishment. Go, team, go!

2) Ron, is the matching money from NS an all-or-nothing thing, or does
it kick in proportionally? (The consortium finds donations of, say,
$200,000, will NS kick in $100,000 at that time?)

3) Speaking as an individual member of NWHS, I think that we are
standing on the most astonishing threshold of opportunity that we have
ever seen. If the grumblers and doubters out there will get off their
pessimistic horses and help push, we can really hope to move all three
organizations forward. I expect that there will always be doubters and
naysayers within each of these organizations. This mailing list is an
open forum. Talk is cheap, and pessimistic talk is especially so,
since the supply always outstrips the demand. :) I'd have the
grumblers consider the saying "lead, follow, or get out of the way".
If you choose to stand in place, you will end up on the sidelines or
find footprints on your back, because there are many forward-looking
members and leaders who are going to reach for the golden carrot that
NS has hung out there. We need your help. How about it?

- Marty Swartz, member and Director,

Maybe You Can. Maybe You Can't. You're Probably Right.

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