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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
December 30, 1908

Shop Whistle Out of Order

The Bluefield people who have little or no confidence in their timepieces have been in trouble for the past two days. Setting and resetting watches as well as taking them to the watchmakers for regulation have kept a good many pretty busy. The trouble is caused by the whistle at the shop which in some way has got out of order and the automatic attachment which connects it with the Western Union regulator at Washington has slipped up in such a way that nearly six minutes have been lost. Yesterday afternoon at four o'clock when the whistle as usual blew people pulled out their watches and many a man was seen to set his watch up five minutes only to go to the jewelry store and there set it back again. The trouble will be remedied as soon as possible by replacing the worn out wax [sic] on the shop clock with new wax which will take the proper impression and blow the whistle on time.
[Can any antiquarian horologist among us explain how wax would have been used as mentioned above?]

Gordon Hamilton
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