N&W in 1908--MANY MORE THAN Two fatalities -- as personally witnessed by The Rev. Lorenzo Dow Yost!

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Harry, Ed, Alex and Company, The Methodist Circuit HORSE-Riding Rev. Lorenzo Dow Yost, A SAINT OF A MAN, if ever there was one -- he being my former wife's grandfather, told me about 45 years ago over in the next county seat in Princeton, WV, of this same situation and place in time. In a time frame lasting maybe 25-30 years, there was (and IS) a place in East Kimball named "Cinder Bottom," a nationally-known hangout for "ladies of the evening, noon and morning" .......Yes, Very Much was this N&W slice in the hillside between Northfork and Kimball, WV, named "Dead Man's Cut." A more apropos name I can neither imagine nor conceive!! Rev. Yost, whose longest Methodist prayers I have EVER heard have been silenced for many years, told me in the "Stumpy Bottom" section of Princeton that he personally observed at least one, two or more bodies -- mostly of immigrants -- dumped into "Dead Man's Cut" every Monday morning after 52 weekends a year of wild, raucous, and drunken behavior. And he no doubt conducted many simple funerals and probably dug some graves himself for these unfortunates who were murdered in cold blood because of gambling debts and other reasons. BEST to ALL for a Happy New Year and always, Lloyd Lewis.
To: nw-mailing-list at nwhs.org Subject: Re: N&W in 1908--Two fatalitiesDate: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 10:11:32 From: nw-mailing-list at nwhs.orgThe first order of business for the section foreman on Mondays was to go to the cut west of North Fork to see if any bodies had accumulated over the week end.You see, at Keystone there was a place known as Cinder Bottom (as I recall) and at this location were these uh, uhm, houses. Highwaymen (or perhapsrailwaymen) would wait in the cut and relieve the sex-seekers of their valuables. There's a Slaughter Pen cut on the Southern, but I've forgotten the name of the cut west of North Fork. Maybe Ed King knows. Harry Bundy
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