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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
February 4, 1909

Over Virginian Railway Bought by Roanokers Who May Locate There

Roanoke World: Messrs J. A. Adkins and W. H. Metz, of this city, have the distinction of buying the first tickets to Princeton, over the Virginian railway.
They took the first train that went over the bridge on the 3d and bought tickets from the conductor, Capt. D. A. Roberts. The tickets were torn off something like a money order, showing the dollars and cents. The rate was straight two cents, and each ticket cost $2.06.
The train which left here was pulled by No. 400 [2-8-2, 217,300 lb.], but owing to all the bolts not being in place, No. 300 [2-8-0, 136,775 lb.], a lighter engine, was substituted at the bridge.
Mr. Adkins says it is the finest bridge he ever saw. It is 270 feet long and 108 feet clear of the Norfolk and Western track. There are also three fine trestles west of the bridge. One is 209 feet above the water.
Mr. Adkins says the road is splendidly ballasted as far as the bridge and a force of 400 men are at work carrying on ballasting toward Princeton.
Both of the gentlemen went to Princeton on a prospecting trip and will probably go into business there. The town is said to be on a boom and the Roanokers predict that it will become a big city.
[An article posted here earlier, stated that the train on the 3rd was a mixed freight and passenger train. A subsequent article will make it clear that "the bridge" is the New River bridge at Glen Lyn, VA, whose length is 2155 ft. instead of the 270 ft. given above. Jeff Sanders' references show the max height of the New River bridge to be 127 ft., which would be above the water. This would indicate that the N&W track there is 19 ft. above the river. Jeff, which bridge west of Glen Lyn would be 209 ft. above the water?]

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