Kerosene Lantern Question

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The 'fuzz' was the shavings off of old fashioned felt which was widely used
in machinery for lubrication reservoirs (back when we had industry in the
U.S.) I suspect that you could pack in plain old cotton balls to do the
same job. Gauze ought to work, too.

The felt fibers used to be sold by industrial supply houses that provided
rubber sheet material, felt, cork gasket material and similar sheet-style
sealing materials. They may still have some.

Also, any open cell foam that is made from an oil- resistant material could
be packed in the cavity as well. This is the same trick used in race car
fuel tanks to keep the fuel from spilling out after a wreck. Check NASCAR.

No, urethane-based aerosol insulation will not work as it is not
oil-resistant and it is closed cell. (Closed cell= the bubbles all have
continuous walls; open cells= the bubbles have wall ruptures between the
bubbles and thus, open passages between the bubbles.)

Gary Rolih

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I have noticed that there is "packing" in the fonts for the lanterns which
would stop the kerosene from leaking out when the lantern are swung. I have
a few lanterns that I burn with lamp oil in my den, and would like to know
where I can get some of this packing. This would increase the safety when I
use them; e.g. incase a cat would knock it off the table.

Thanks a lot and I learn so much from this group!

Christopher J. Bunsey
EX TWA, Current CAL


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