"Taking Twenty" with the Virginian Brethren

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You "ain't" gettin' my waste .. just because a bunch of ladies thought it was useless!

We railroaders know better. That's why we save "everything"!

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"This prompted Jeff Sanders to tell about his wife, Susan, taking some of Jeff's "waste" (multicolored cotton balls of string used to fire steam engines and to pack wheel bearings)to a lady's contest for the "most
useless item in the house" She won first place!. "

She shouldn't have won a thing! That "waste" is the absolute best thing for getting "begger lice' off of a pair of jeans!!! I still keep a small wad in my grip for just such occasions.
Tell Susan that if she wants to get rid of some of that stuff, I'll be willing to take it off of her/Jeff's hands...free of charge.
Jimmy Lisle


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