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In theory...if you have a receiver that accepts a signal 25kHz wide, and
the transmitters
are sending a signal that's 6.25KHz wide, you'd be listening to four
adjacent channels at once.
And if only one of those channels were active it could be very quiet or
Truth is I've been listening to narrow signals with a wide receiver for
years (2 to one, not
4 to one) with no noticeable difference as long as the adjacent channels
weren't busy as well.

Tom Cosgrove
Amateur Extra Class

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> This question is for the radio experts out there. I read in /Railway

> /Age magazine where the FCC is requiring railroads and other

> commercial communications shift to narrow-band radios (shift from 25

> kHz to 12.5 kHz) by 2013, with the possibility that the FCC soon will

> require a shift to "narrow-narrowband" (6.25kHz), or all-digital radios.


> What effect will these changes have the decade-or-so old scanners that

> some of us have?


> Gordon Hamilton

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