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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
March 22, 1910

People Gathered About Passenger Station Could Not Help Admiring Her Voice

As train No. 3 pulled into the station last night a regulation long-eared Maud set up a hee-hawing which would do credit to twenty mules. She was standing in a crate waiting to be put in the express car so that she could get started on her way to Charleston. Even above the clanging of the bell on the engine and the rushing sound of escaping steam the mule made herself heard, and after the train had stopped, Maud's shouts and screams could be heard above all the noise. She seemed to be endowed with a lovely voice half way between a soprano and a basso and every time she opened her mouth the soprano note was shouted only to be followed by the basso in such regularity and with such increasing crescendo that all of the people about the station were forced to laugh. Later on, when ten men tried to force the crate with Maud in it into the express car, there was plenty of fun. Only two men had nerve enough to get up on the express truck behind that part of Maud's anatomy where her heels were located. After they got up there they stood on one side until they found that Maud was more interested in seeing the box pushed into the car than she was in kicking.
Although several inquires were made no one was able to say why Maud left town. Why she would want to leave Bluefield to go to a dry town like Charleston is beyond comprehension, but then mules are a hard lot anyhow.
Maud evidently has a very even temper, for she never even once kicked and the people who stood around the truck watching for her to make strenuous objections to being handled like a piece of baggage had to go away without even seeing her raise her objectors even once. The last word Maud said on leaving town was the regulation by-by sent out by mules.
Gordon Hamilton
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