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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
March 26, 1910

Bluefield Could Afford to Buy Right-of-Way and Build Branch
A prominent wholesale man told a Daily Telegraph representative recently that it would pay the people of Bluefield to buy a right-of-way for a railroad from this city to Princeton and then turn it over to the Virginian if the latter road would guarantee to run trains into Bluefield. He said that by doing this Bluefield would get a better freight rate into and from this city and would also gain in many other ways. If the proper amount of enthusiasm is worked up by the chamber of commerce there is no reason why Bluefielders could not build such a railroad, paying the entire cost or perhaps half of it. This matter can be taken up with the Virginian officials and if they are willing to enter into it, Bluefield should be willing to do something towards helping herself. A town with one railroad is generally known as a jerkwater town and Bluefield will be a jerkwater town unless she gets another railroad when one is as near by as is the Virginian.
Gordon Hamilton
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