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Too bad the British interest involved wasn't Dai Woodham of Barry Scrapyard fame, I'm guessing those engines would still be with us otherwise.  Was United Iron & Metal also owned by Sam Golden of Virginia Scrap Iron & Metal before the sale, or were they two completely separate operations?  I've been told once or twice over the years that the Y6's were in Sam Golden's Norwich yard (the one that still has the N&W steam crane sitting in it).  Sounds like that information might have been wrong?  If so, I'll need to make a correction or two on the Lost Engines site.

Richard Jenkins

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Just a minor correct and some addition to Bud's excellent report. The 
two locomotive, 2143 and 2174 were at United Iron and Metal, not 
Virginia Scrap Iron and Metal. United had been sold sometime in 1975 
to British interests, I am guessing as part of some larger deal, and 
their main mission was clear, scrap everything on site, and close the 
business, which was completed sometime in 1976.
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