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Thanks, Ken, for the correction. I have "United" in my records but wrote "Virginia" instead. Call it old age.

Bud Jeffries
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Just a minor correct and some addition to Bud's excellent report. The two locomotive, 2143 and 2174 were at United Iron and Metal, not Virginia Scrap Iron and Metal. United had been sold sometime in 1975 to British interests, I am guessing as part of some larger deal, and their main mission was clear, scrap everything on site, and close the business, which was completed sometime in 1976. United had also kept 2189 on the property fairly late, cutting it up sometime about 1967, I remember seeing it, and I have a photo of it in decrepit shape. I don't believe that 2171 lasted very long, scrap steel had a fairly high value in 1960-1962, I wish I could find some historic data on scrap pricing, anyone with suggestions of a internet source?

At least one piece of 2171 survives for certain, the number plate has been sitting on my mantle for over 20 years now.

I believe that the pilot from 2174 is the one on display placed along Roanoke's Railwalk.

The 2143 and 2174 had been stored for sometime at Shaffers Crossing, on the dead line east of the roundhouse, I remember begin taken up there about 1969 and taking snapshots of them sitting there. Sometime about 1970 or so, N&W told United they would have to get them out of there, and moved them to the scrap yard. I don't have any of my references with me, but I am fairly certain they had been sold in 1960 or 1961.

I think on the same roll of film, I had a shot of the Virginian Narrows power house in excellent afternoon light. I had made my father stop and let me take the photo on our way back from a family vacation. I said "let me get a picture, you never know when they are going to tear something like that down." His response was, "oh, they are not going to tear that down, it is too much trouble." but he stopped anyway. Less than a year later, the place was gone. Lesson to be learned, always take photos, you never truly know when something will be gone the next time.

Ken Miller

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I am not familiar with the roster in the Y Book. The 2171 could have been scrapped in 5-1970, but I cannot verify this. But that was not the last Y6b scrapped.

In late 1975, I walked around both Y6 2143 and Y6b 2174 in the yard of the Virginia Iron and Metal in Roanoke. I even walked on top of the boiler of the 2174 and being a bright sunny day, I viewed the "waffleiron" exhaust ports by looking down the stack. The 2174 had its tender; the 2143 did not.

I went overseas in early 2-1976. Soon afterward, I received a Roanoke Times newspaper clipping dated Friday, February 20, 1976. The clipping was about the scrapyard cutting up the 2174, the last Y6b. The article stated that the scrapping began on the previous Monday [that would the February 16th] and that its sister [that would be 2143] had been scrapped a couple of weeks earlier.

The 2143 was the last Y6 and the 2174 the last Y6b. The article also stated that only one other Y6 class was left--that would be the Y6a 2156 in St. Louis at the National Museum of Transportation. BTW, the 2171 had been in the VI&M, too.

I understand that there was some effort to save the 2174 but scrap metal values were extremely high in the mid-70s. The figure I heard was the 2174 was valued at about $50,000 and that the scrapyard had paid only about $5,000 for itin 1960. If this is so, the scrapyard made a killin' on this one.

Bud Jeffries

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The Y6b roster on page 118 of the N&W Class Y book from TLC Publishing shows that engine #2171 was not scrapped until May of 1970. Why was this the last Y6b to be cut-up? Were there any efforts made to save her? I always thought that all Y6b's were scrapped by the 1960's.

Jeff Morfit


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