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Thanks again for posting the three that you did. With as many people have "foamed" around Roanoke over the years I have never seen any images taken 1976 or earlier from the Walnut Ave. overpass. This would clearly show the facility. Looking around the 'net you find lots of recent pics from there showing the former site. Perhaps this thread will encourage someone else to scan up and post a few more.

Bill Drotar, Jr.

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Sadly, I was a teenager when I took these pictures and I
didn't have the wisdom to realize how precious these objects were. I took
only those 3 shots and then turned back to the living


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Fantastic to see them.....but sad at the same time. Thanks for sharing them and
please post some more if you have them. The subject has always interested me as
they hung around so long after the end of steam yet still vanished well after
the "preservation era" had begun.

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I too saw them in 1973. And while my slides are marked
"Virginia Scrap Iron", United works for me. Attached are some photos.
How can
one distinguish between a Y6 and Y6b in the state these locos were

Don Trettel

See images at

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