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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
August 6, 1910

Telegraph Offices Closed
The Norfolk and Western has posted bulletins closing the telegraph offices at Thacker between 6 o'clock in the evening and 7 in the morning; Northfork between 7 at night and 10 in the morning; while the office at Lindsey has been cut out. The completion of double track has effected this saving which will be tried for a time. A bulletin has also announced that the Mallet engines which could be used only between Northfork and this city when they were first received in June can now run to the Vivian yard. This has been brought about by the strengthening of the bridges.
[To one who is familiar with the modern Pocahontas Division, it is difficult to visualize how conditions were when it was single track with bridges that would not support a Mallet locomotive.]


Adopts Retrenchment Policy
Notwithstanding the heavy traffic being enjoyed by the Norfolk and Western just now, the road has again adopted the retrenchment policy on the Pocahontas district. Two telegraph operators have been cut off at Northfork, one at Thacker and the agency at Falls Mills reduced to the second class with a reduction in the salary of the agent at that station. The wires will be taken out of the Falls Mills station and the business of the Western Union Telegraph Company handled from the Bluefield office by telephone with Falls Mills.
Gordon Hamilton
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