Y6 route availability

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Thanks, Louis..

After some research, I found that the 6s were only about 25 tons (on
drivers) heavier than the 3s, so that makes sense.

pete groom
On Jan 16, 2010, at 5:47 PM, NW Mailing List wrote:

>> From Pocahontas Division TT No. 9, effective July 21, 1955:


> TT Rule 105: "The use of engines heavier than Class Z is prohibited

> on Pocahontas Branch west of Pocahontas, Ballard Harman Spur of Tug

> Fork Branch, Superior, Spice Creek, Simmons and Goodwill Bfanches."


> To my knowledge, there were no other weight restrictions on

> coalfield branches. If a branch could accommodate Class Y-3 and Y-4

> engines, it could also handle Y-5's and Y-6's.


> Until dieselization began, Y-3's were generally used on mine

> shifters, and Y-5's and Y-6's on main line runs. As diesels began

> to displace Y-5's and Y-6's on main line runs, the Y-3's were

> gradually removed from service and replaced by Y-5's and Y-6's on

> mine shifters until full dieselization occurred.


> Louis Newton

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