Lynchburg operations in the mid 50s

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Tue Feb 2 15:32:38 EST 2010

Can anyone help me with operating patterns in the mid 50s (before diesels and the beginning of passenger train cutbacks) between Forest and Phoebe? Which trains, other than passenger to and from Norfolk, used the ML and which the Belt Line? Which worked Island Yard? Kinney? Which trains/locals originated at Island? Kinney? Were there around the clock switch crews at Island? Kinney? Where and how was interchange with the C&O and SOU handled? Where did the Bristol Line passenger trains leave/enter the SOU?

Were there manned interlockings at Forest, X, ND and Phoebe? Any at Montvale/Kinney? What type? Any diagrams/track charts available? Was there any double track on the Old Line through Island Yard? Was any CTC in operation in the Lynchburg area? Was the single track ABS?

Any details about the operations would be appreciated. I can also be reached at gfish19 at or 717-866-2229. Thank you.

Glenn Fisher
Myerstown PA
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