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[Apparently in 1910 neither the railroads nor the Federal Government had developed effective rules which required empty cars to be returned to the owning railroad. The ICC was given this power by the Esch Car Service Act of 1917. The Car Service Division of the AAR was formed prior to WW II, and it administers the rules for the ICC (now STB). Also, when the Great Lakes freeze over, the coal and ore that otherwise would move on the lakes would move in railroad cars, increasing the demand for cars.]

Gordon Hamilton

he Transportation Dept. had traveling auditors that reviewed the car
records of foreign railroads to make sure N&W mtys weren't being appropriated
for loading. The permit system made an improvement to car utilization. Coal
for Lamberts Point had ten free demurrage days. Without ever being sold,
coal would arrive Norfolk and be stored there (capacity for 22,000 plus coal
cars) until a coal order called for the class of stored coal. Now a mine
must have a designated ship before receiving mtys. Harry Bundy

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