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Thanks for the info. With your info I was able to find a National
Register of historic places registration form with a photo (form dated
1992). I saw that building a few times, but it was torn down before I
photographed it.


- Roger Link

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> That is the Lick Branch store at Switchback, WV. It is similar to

> Boissevain because both stores were built by Pocahontas Fuel Co.


> The present location is a large concrete slab which is on your left as

> you are on US 52 driving from Elkhorn to Maybeury. On you right, about a

> 1/2 mile before the store is the old Elkhorn High School.


> Alex Schust

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>> Looking for location of company store in NWHS archive image:


>> http://nwhs.org/archivesdb/detail.php?ID=90169


>> One clue is that the catenary pole is numbered 380 / 33. Building

>> appears to be on mainline, and with electrification has to be between

>> Bluefield and Iaeger. Checking a current NS track chart puts milepost

>> 380 between Maybeury and Powhatan.


>> Building appears to be very similar to company store at Boissevain,

>> except that the post office is on the opposite side.


>> http://nwhs.org/archivesdb/detail.php?ID=90168



>> - Roger Link

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