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No, not really. The N&W set up the Columbus Terminal Transfer and the
Columbus Connecting Terminal ( I think I got this right), but the PRR had
already divided their PanHandle with a passenger side and a freight side
with the line through Bradford and the passenger stuff staying on the old
mainline through Xenia Springfield and Dayton.

The B&O, Hocking Valley/C&O and the NYC didn't really need a belt rr. The
B&O didn't handle that much freight on their route down to Midland City from
Newark and the T&OC had the east and west districts to go through or go
around Columbus.

Either way, just about everything other than coal run from Joyce Ave Yard up
the Sandusky line, went down or nearly down to Columbus Union to get through
town. All N&W delivered coal that went on to the PRR for routing to Chicago
went through CUD and over to the Bradford side on the PRR.

Well, a real short description of what is to be covered in the Rick
Tipton/PRRT&HS book on PRR in Columbus that is due to be printed up before
the PRRT&HS convention in Columbus in 2011.

Gary Rolih


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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
December 13, 1910



Thirty-Two Mile Belt Line Will be Built Around Ohio's Capital City

Incorporation papers have been filed by the Columbus Connecting Railway
Company, which will soon build and equip a steam belt line thirty-two miles
long, to encircle the city of Columbus, at a cost of $6,000,000*. The new
line will detour all the freight trains around the city and leave the
stations in the city for the passenger and local trains and cars. It is
said that the Norfolk and Western Railway could haul 700 cars of coal to
Columbus daily if the Pennsylvania could handle them for transfer to the
Chicago steel district. Present facilities permit of the handling of about
half that number.


*The first digit is indistinct on the microfilm. The best interpretation is

[Was any of this belt line ever built?]

Gordon Hamilton

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