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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
December 23, 1910

Bluefield the Mecca for Coalfield People Who in Other Years Have Shopped Elsewhere
"The passenger business on the Norfolk and Western," said a prominent railroad man yesterday, "is heavier right now than it ever has been in the history of the road. Every train is carrying extra coaches while all the through trains are running double-headed. In several instances two sections are necessary to move the extra passengers and express being carried during the exceedingly busy season."
It is also noticeable that Bluefield is the mecca this year for many shoppers who in previous years have made Pocahontas and other towns their headquarters. The coalfield people explain this by saying that Bluefield has a five and ten cent store which permits of their purchasing many small articles at a very reasonable price. One shopper who was in the city yesterday said that the Bluefield stores have improved wonderfully in the last few years with the result that they should do a larger business.

Christmas Promises to be Busy Day for Trainmen Who Will be Needed to Clear Up Sidings
West Virginia has about thirty-one people to the square mile, according to the recent census, but last night the Bluefield depot had more than its fair proportion. Every foot of standing and sitting room was crowded to the limit, and it was only by squeezing that people were able to make their way from one end of the depot to another.
The trains were overcrowded and inside the cars people were packed like sardines, many having to stand up in the aisles.
Coal movement in the field has already commenced to feel the extra passenger movement and Christmas will not be an easy day for the trainmen who will be needed to clear up the sidings of the coal cars which will accumulate during the rush season passenger days and nights [sic].
Gordon Hamilton
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