A word of caution about photoshopped photos...

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A word of caution...

Photo shopping is all great fun, but we need to be careful that photoshopped images do not turn up in the future as "proof" that "such and such" really existed, or happend. A while back, some photoshopped images turned up on a Rio Grande forum I take a part of, and where attested as "factual" images, of "long ago" events' The original "photo shopper" happened to see the thread and point out the fact that he, had made the images for himself, and a few friends a while back. They had gotten passed around, by an innocent third party, who had stumbled over them on a photo website, and up until that moment, was very proud of his discovery.

A hundred years from now, and we have passed on. Who will remember that the "triplex" was just a made up image, what if it finds it's way into a book? Our future contemporaries could be arguing the "did or did not exist" on this very list a hundred years from now...

The real dangers are not of fanciful locomotives, but small things, like the 611, being somewhere she had NEVER been, or certain classes of locomotives being where they, never where. Like say, the 611 going UNDER Coopers Bridge. Or even paint schemes {<--SP} on locomotives, and cars....That being said, they look great!!

With Photoshop, you can do just about "anything, to anything"...

Andy J

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Since I always wanted a shot of 611 westbound through Meadowview, after the fun with the "triplex" here is my made-to-order shot of the J passing the depot there.

Mike Pierry, Jr.


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