Virginian caboose scrapped at Ashville, OH

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Fri Aug 13 21:38:36 EDT 2010

For reason unclear to me, the former Virginian caboose located next to the N&W
depot at Ashville was scrapped this week. There was an article about it in the
Circleville Herald today but not being a subscriber I cannot read it all online.
The caboose was built as Virginian hack 315 in 1947 and served the Virginian
and N&W proudly until it was donated to the Village of Ashville by NS in the
early 80's. After donation it was moved to it's own track adjacent to
Ashville's former N&W/Scioto Valley depot where it sat until this weekWith the
caboose being in relatively good condition, except for a few windows etc, I am
quite shocked how it got to this.

This scrapping is a bit personal to me having spent time in the 80's with my new
found junior high friend (and N&WHS member) Eric Davis helping former N&W
operator Jack Lemon wiping down the caboose's interior removing years of coal
dust and grime. The three of us also spent quite a few winter afternoons being
kept warm by it's potbelly stove waiting on the next N&W movement through town
and doing chores around the museum. I never will forget the look on Jack's face
one day when a torpedo fell out of the shovel of coal that was about to go in
the stove....

In better days, here is the caboose shortly after being repainted as a Boy Scout
project -

Whit Wardell
Canal Winchester, OH

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