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The purpose of the emergency reservoir is to provide the additional pressure
in an emergency application as Gordon said. Both reservoirs supply air to
the brake cylinder at the same time.At the completion of the emergency
application, the 2 reservoirs and brake cylinder are equalized at 60 psi
from a 70 psi brake pipe pressure.

Dick Fisher


> I don't know if I made it clear or not, so let me add this.

> In the emergency application: The service portion of the brake

> application has to complete before the emergency side starts to add the

> additional pressure.

> Using my example again to illustrate this, if you open up the shutoff

> valves to both barrels #1 & #2 at the same time then all that happens is

> that all three barrels equalize at the same level.

> Therefore barrel #1 has to equalize with #3 before #2 opens to raise

> the level in #3.


> Gordon mentioned that the emergency side of the reservoir is larger

> than the Auxilliary side. This is true. The purpose is to have the extra

> volume of air in case subsequent emergency applications are needed before

> the system is fully charged.


> Jimmy

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